RiverSafe is a leading cyber security intelligence partner, supporting companies to put security at the heart of business operations & yield actionable business insight. Proudly supporting some of the world’s biggest companies -– including Vodafone, Sky and BP.

Our expertise in both cyber solutions and our longstanding technology partnerships gives our customers an advantage over evolving threats. We provide perspective on the status of security infrastructure and remove existing silos to create a unified view of activity and generate better operational outcomes.

Our solutions are all delivered  by our expert team, who are committed to industry leading service. We give businesses the perspective and insight they need to create unified solutions and make informed business decisions.

Our Values

  • Collaboration


    We support each other by sharing knowledge, time and experience across our diverse team.

  • Integrity


    We say what we do and we do what we say.

  • Impact


    We’re focused on helping our customers to achieve their business goals.

  • Innovation


    We provide creative solutions to help clients maximise the value of their technology investments.

  • Family


    We’re a caring organisation that values each team member equally.

  • Commitment


    We are more than a sum of our parts because of our collective dedication to achieving our objectives.

Our Delivery Framework

The RiverSafe delivery framework ensures our cyber security and data operations strategies have maximum impact.

Some of the clients we’ve worked with

Our Clients

Meet the Team

Our team’s diverse backgrounds and skill sets are our greatest strength. At RiverSafe, each employee makes an impact no matter what office they sit in – meet some of the people who help us drive innovation every day.

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RiverSafe are a sustainability conscious company, we are committed to driving positive change and a sustainable future. As part of our initiative, we have aligned our working practices to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and are currently striving to achieve business excellence on 10 chosen goals having already been independently awarded silver status.

We’ve put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, accelerating sustainable business growth by balancing profit and planet. We want to lead our industry into the next decade of sustainable security transformation.

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