With the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the economy, we want to do all we can to support aviation and travel businesses to stay on top of their Cyber Security and Data Operations.

RiverSafe provide perspective and insight on the status of your security infrastructure, creating a unified solution that puts you in control. Our service offering provides solutions to the major challenges faced by the aviation and travel industry today. As experienced consultants and vendor partners, we’re well positioned to help you future-proof your business.

Cyber Security

Proactively monitor threats

Next generation SIEM technology combines patterns, machine learning and threat intelligence to combat constantly shifting cyber threats. RiverSafe are experts in creating custom SIEM instances, supporting you to:

  • Proactively uncover and address threats in your environment
  • Gain real-time visibility into both on-premise and cloud based activity
  • Achieve maximum ROI from existing systems

Our services cover:

  • Complete system design and implementation
  • Use case creation and implementation
  • Developing automated threat responses
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Full system health checks
  • Managed platform support


Spot vulnerabilities in complex code

The complexity in avionic software makes it more difficult to spot code vulnerabilities, the DevSecOps initiative is designed to introduce security tools at the earliest stage of the software development lifecycle. This means protecting code from its creation, code that runs in your pipeline and in the wider environment. RiverSafe can support you to:

  • Embed security controls into the software development lifecycle
  • Detect vulnerabilities in realtime
  • Provide visibility to all stakeholders, including developers, system owners and security teams

Our services cover:

  • Threat modelling
  • Integration with pipelines and reporting tool
  • Support across various programming and languages frameworks
  • Analysis assessment and consultation of vulnerabilities
  • Support for continuous improvement and deployment



Data Operations

Gain competitive advantage

RiverSafe’s consulting services help organisations get the best value out of their system data using IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). With increasing quantities of data being tracked and stored, the right infrastructure can support you to turn this into actionable insight, driving business decisions and gaining real competitive advantage. RiverSafe can support you to:

  • Predict and resolve future issues
  • Turn data into valuable insight
  • See the bigger picture with complete visibility over critical systems data

Our services cover:

  • Complete solution design
  • Solution implementation
  • Support with AI enablement
  • Full system health checks
  • Managed platform support

Vendor Support

Get the most from your platform

RiverSafe are an award winning vendor partner, with expertise in both Splunk and Exabeam platforms. We work alongside your team to ensure whichever platform you’ve chosen, you’re getting the support you need to succeed. RiverSafe can support you to:

  • Integrate your solution with existing systems and processes
  • Gain maximum ROI
  • Reach targets and objectives to build a resilient business

Our services cover:

  • System health checks
  • Full solution design and implementation
  • Consultation on platform use
  • Team training
  • Staff augmentation
  • Managed platform support