Big Data

Big Data with RiverSafe means IT no longer has to be an expensive overhead

Big Data has become an invaluable source of business intelligence and operational efficiency. Big Data services from RiverSafe will help you to see the forest as well as the trees.
If you are looking for the key to immediate, actionable insight from data, contact RiverSafe for consultants who are certified experts for products such as Splunk, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) and Hadoop.

  • Compliance (with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, etc.)
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Predictive analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Managed Splunk Engineering Service
  • Monetisation of intelligence
  • Improved security intelligence and awareness
  • Aids to management decision making

Big Data Practice from RiverSafe

Learn more about the Big Data Practice here.

Helping you extract value from your data with RiverSafe practices

  • Pre-Deployment Review

    RiverSafe will help you assess your infrastructure design, on-boarding, compliance, communications and stakeholder management. We can help you to define the assets, data volumes, retention policies, hardware & software specifications—be it for a first-time installation or for taking your deployment to the next level.

  • Deployment

    RiverSafe supports you with the design and architecture of your solution, the definition of timelines, and the actual installation and integration into your environment.

  • Data Analytics

    RiverSafe are experts in matters such as the statistics, data mining and predictive analysis behind data science behind data science. We understand how to study the data sources, comprehend the data and its correlations, to carry out investigations, and reach meaningful conclusions.

  • Project Management

    RiverSafe employs best practice to ensure that the designed system is installed on time, on budget, and in accordance with the design specifications

  • Managed Engineering

    RiverSafe works to define the capacities, resources and days on site to ensure that design requirements and stakeholder expectations are satisfied throughout the solution’s lifetime.

  • Training

    RiverSafe offers best-in-class training to ensure that users are fully trained and up to speed. Every step of the way is clearly explained, users become competent and confident operators, and stakeholders can rest assured that their systems are being used to maximum effect.

  • Advanced Data Visualisation

    The creation of data visualisations by means of dashboards, reports, etc., is our daily bread at RiverSafe. Closely related to the discipline of data science, our visualisations demonstrate the results and reveal the true value of your data.

Information lies everywhere. It must be protected always.

Partner with RiverSafe to protect your enterprise network, systems and data.

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