NEW – RiverSafe Managed Splunk Engineering Service

As big data continues to change our world, so cyber security becomes more and more important. But the war against cybercriminals is going to get harder than ever, as we face a huge skills gap of 350,000 workers in Europe  expected by 2022. And not only Europe will suffer from the shortage of essential cyber and IT skills,organisations all around the globe are going to be put under more pressure as they struggle to keep up with new regulations like GDPR.

This IT skills gap could have a knock on impact with  your Splunk deployment as organisations are lacking the resources to manage their deployment in the most effective way. Not only does that mean that their Splunk platform is not optimised but also that there is a higher risk of even bigger problems and threats. That issue will get even worse while the IT skills gap rapidly widens..

The good news is that organisations who are deploying Splunk for cyber related projects and cyber security analyticswho are suffering from a lack of resources and required skills can benefit from RiverSafe’s Managed Splunk Engineering Service which provides all the resources, skills and expertise needed to maximise their Splunk investment.

Launching today, our Managed Splunk Engineering Service supports organisations in the management of their Splunk platform deployment within their own environment. We offer the ability to leverage our pool of Splunk engineers and consultants who have in-depth technical knowledge and experience in working with Splunk with  some of Europe’s largest companies. Our service is suitable for organisations in most industry sectors including Energy, Finance, Telecommunications, Media and the Financial Services market.

No matter if your organisation requires onsite or offsite service, we can offer you the  support activities on an SLA basis which also include out of hours on call service in case of emergencies and regular platform maintenance to help you perfect your Splunk deployment. Our services can be engaged for one, two, three or five years at a fixed cost or even longer if you want and we have a priority system for Splunk support requests that allows us to help you out within an appropriate amount of time.

RiverSafe is Splunk’s Professional Services Partner of the Year 2015 and 2017 and as an award-winning company we have helped some of the largest organisations in the UK to manage their Splunk deployment in an effective and efficient way by providing our cyber security and data visualisation capabilities. We help organisations ensure that machine data is accessible, usable and valuable to the organisations  helping to make their businesses more productive, profitable, competitive and secure.

Together we can help fight against cybercrime whilst overcoming  the problems caused by the growing IT skills gap.  For more information on our Managed Splunk Engineering Service please download our datasheet or call us on +44 (0) 20 3633 2577.

Written by Aleksandra Hamel, Marketing, RiverSafe