Testimonial – Gaining actionable insight into the threats that matter

A leading telecommunications provider’s key priority was to reduce risk across an attack surface that spanned the globe by consolidating security monitoring.
To achieve this, the organisation engaged the services of Security and Data Analytics Specialists, RiverSafe.
Leading CIO for the Telecommunications provider comments:
“Our business unit led approach to security monitoring was undermining our ability to see what was really going on. The goal  was to create a consolidated view of the threat landscape across the globe, and provide unprecedented visibility and actionable insight into the threats that required our attention.
Our partnership with RiverSafe has accelerated the delivery of this programme, resulting not only in decreased risk but also reduced costs. RiverSafe has been highly responsive and collaborated brilliantly with our team  to deliver to time and on budget.  We are looking forward to continuing to work with RiverSafe in the future.”