Cyber Defence

Solutions to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

With software and systems taking on ever more complexity, vulnerability is growing faster than ever. With many organisations attracting publicity as victims of cyber-crime, it is clear that cyber defences are an indispensable asset for protecting your reputation.
The RiverSafe team of vendor-independent certified experts helps you develop proactive ways to uncover and address threats to your security.

RiverSafe help keep your IT working for and not against you, how?

  • Improved efficiency & reliability at your SOC
  • Improved network security
  • Better ROI in hardware, software and personnel
  • Better use of your tools
  • Improved network security visibility
  • Seamless integration of security tools
  • Reduced false positives

Cyber Defence Practice from RiverSafe

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RiverSafe practices help you come to terms with a threat landscape that is increasingly complex

  • Design & Architecture

    We review your IT architecture with RiverSafe best practice in mind. Advice and assistance
    with the design serve to optimise the implementation of the turnkey RiverSafe solution.

  • Managed Engineering

    RiverSafe works to define the capacities, resources and days on site to ensure that design requirements and stakeholder expectations are satisfied throughout the solution’s lifetime.

  • Security Audit

    Leverage RiverSafe expertise to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current security systems, and assess the risks of critical business data IT infrastructure.

  • Security Tool Integration

    Seamless integration of security tools into your environment for user-friendly high-visibility information

  • Project Management

    RiverSafe employs best practice to ensure that the designed system is installed on time, on budget, and in accordance with the design specifications.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Centrally manage and correlate external sources with internal security and analytics solutions for contextual, operationalised intelligence.

  • Threat Analysis

    RiverSafe offer the monitoring of customer infrastructure to detect attacks and intrusion attempts with the aim of establishing which vulnerabilities are being exploited.

  • Penetration Testing Services

    This service includes penetration testing for Smart Grid, Smart Meter, business applications, web application, web services, mobile apps and digital networks.

  • Automated Response & Remediation

    Machine-speed gathering of contextual alert data and analysis of security intelligence before executing remedial actions with automation

Information lies everywhere. It must be protected always.

Partner with RiverSafe to protect your enterprise network, systems and data.

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