Improve business protection by removing the threat vulnerability of IoT devices.

In todays world, the connected devices are not limited to information devices, they comprise an increasingly diverse list of items, including life-related items such as vehicles, medical equipment and items with potentially large impacts on society.

IOT devices are now not just limited to industries they have taken a step further and reached to public households.

It’s no doubt that connected devices provide easier accessibility to the consumers, but it also opens spaces for targeted attacks.

Thus, it’s very essential to ensure appropriate security controls are in place to lower the surface attacks.

IOT consists of various network-connected devices, when one device is infiltrated by malware, it can become the starting point for the spread of the infiltration to other devices that could ultimately threaten critical infrastructure that should ordinarily be protected.

RiverSafe has team of professional which can help businesses to address their IOT security requirements. We work we the number of partners to provide next-gen security technologies.

There are three major focus areas for IOT:

  • Real Time Monitoring and Diagnostics data from IOT Devices
  • Adaption of Predictive Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics driven security

The conventional security technologies are just not enough to provide the security controls required for IoT devices.

As now the majority of businesses are deploying a new generation of commercial IoT platforms and services into the cloud, the security technologies should be flexible enough to provide security around Hybrid infrastructures.

The IoT Acceleration Consortium

A collaborative program with members of governments has underlined the following three measures to handle:

  1. Increased number of networks connected
  2. Long life cycles
  3. Difficulty of perfect surveillance

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