Are you confident that your SIEM environment is performing as it should?

Your SIEM is a powerful platform that delivers immense value when managed and implemented efficiently. However, naturally occurring factors can negatively impact the health of your environment over time.

Common challenges you may be experiencing include:

  • Poor data quality
  • Latency in data ingestion
  • Alert fatigue
  • Configuration precedence issues

Our Health Check is a complimentary one-day assessment designed to review your current usage, identify underlying issues in your existing deployment, and ensure you are maximising your investment.



What Deliverables Can You Expect from Your SIEM Health Check?

Following the assessment, we will provide a comprehensive report detailing the review of the following areas, prioritised by severity:

  • SIEM architecture and configuration
  • Performance metrics
  • Data retention policy
  • Data input health
  • License usage and growth forecast
  • Internal messages produced by the systems
  • Applications deployed on the system

The report will also include detailed remediation instructions and highlight any knowledge gaps within your team, offering recommendations for skill development.

About RiverSafe

At RiverSafe, we are SIEM experts with extensive experience working across multiple technologies in highly complex environments including:





Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your SIEM platform is operating at its best. Contact us to schedule your free assessment and achieve peace of mind with a healthier, more efficient SIEM environment.


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    Simon Perrins, Vice President, Systems Infrastructure, SMBC Bank

  • "I've worked with a number of Professional Service companies over the years and I can honestly say that you're one of the best engineers I've had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for your attention to detail and knowledge"

    Global Law Firm

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