SIEM Solutions Built to Detect Modern Threats

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving. To protect your organisation from innovative threats, you need innovative security solutions.

But yesterday’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools simply aren’t equipped to keep up with the rising rate and complexity of today’s attacks. Legacy SIEM’s reliance on predetermined and outdated rules means modern-day threats go undetected.

As experienced cyber security experts, we can help you implement or upgrade to a next-generation SIEM tool that uses machine learning and threat intelligence to detect suspicious activity.

What are the benefits of implementing a SIEM?

  • Gain advanced visibility on data from multiple sources
  • Monitor your environment and detect threats
  • Conduct real-time security event analysis
  • Parse and normalise aggregated data for easier investigation
  • Support data compliance and regulation goals

Our vendor-independent, certified experts help you develop proactive ways to uncover and address threats to your environment by drawing on their in-depth experience and wide catalogue of services. From SIEM tool selection to implementation and optimisation, we will work with you to make sure your business is fully protected.

RiverSafe's SIEM Consultancy Services

How we can help defend your business against threats with SIEM solutions.

  • SIEM Implementation

    We’re vendor agnostic, so we’re completely unbiased and committed to helping you choose the right SIEM for your organisation. We’ll make sure your chosen solution seamlessly integrates with your SOC and the rest of your IT stack, optimise it to meet your needs, and train your team up on to how to operate it.

  • Upgrades to Next-Gen SIEM tools

    Legacy SIEM tools could be leaving your environment vulnerable to attacks, putting your entire business at risk. Upgrading to a modern, machine learning-powered SIEM solution not only fortifies your security operations against ever-evolving threats, but also frees your security team from the time-consuming, manual data input that comes with running a legacy SIEM.

  • SIEM Cloud Migration

    Ready to migrate your on-premise SIEM tool to the cloud? RiverSafe can facilitate a smooth transition from your legacy system to your new cloud-based SIEM platform. From migrating data and workflows to training users and managing integration with your existing infrastructure, our team will help you execute a successful, compliant migration to a more effective SIEM solution

  • SIEM Optimisation

    Are you getting maximum value from your SIEM solution? We can help you do more by optimising your SIEM tool and tackling common challenges such as high licencing costs, alert fatigue, poor observability and more

  • SIEM Maintenance

    With patch updates released every quarter it can be challenging to keep your SIEM up to date—especially if you’re running multiple instances. Our Managed Platform Engineering Service helps organisations keep SOC tools patched, protected, and performing at their best without having to retain their own specialist engineering team.

  • SIEM Consolidation

    Simplify your SIEM landscape. Streamline and consolidate your SIEM tools, reducing complexity and costs, while enhancing efficiency and security seamlessly.

How effective is your SIEM Solution against emerging threats?

Assess your security infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities with our SIEM Health Check Service.

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