Identify weak spots in your security—before someone else does

Every system has vulnerabilities. Do you have a plan to uncover potential backdoors in your environment?

Every day, cybercriminals fire a constant barrage of attacks at your systems hoping to find a weak spot. Operating systems, apps, databases, networks: all of these harbour flaws that hackers can use to exploit your valuable digital assets. A single app can contain hundreds of vulnerabilities, leaving your business at risk.

With so many apps and services running across your environment at any given time, identifying vulnerabilities can be an insurmountable task without a dedicated tool coupled with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and prioritisation policy.


Why implement a vulnerability management tool?

Essential tools for securing your environment, vulnerability management solutions run extensive scans and identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, such as those classified by Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE™) or other widely accepted vulnerability classification systems and software vendors.

Using a National Vulnerability Database or similar these tools detect and assess vulnerabilities you may not even know existed.

Vulnerability management tools will:

  • Find and assess or score vulnerabilities, allowing you to fix them before bad actors do
  • Scan your entire environment for weak spots
  • Discover new vulnerabilities you weren’t looking for
  • Reduce your risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches
  • Comply with government regulations, international standards such as PCI DSS, and your own security policy
  • Get insight into your security posture and locate areas for improvement


As cybersecurity experts, we help you plan, implement and optimise your vulnerability management tool to ensure your business is fully protected.

How RiverSafe supports you

  • Planning and design of your vulnerability management strategy
  • Implementation of your vulnerability management tool
  • Configuration, set up, and health check of the tool
  • Integration of your vulnerability management tool with other products
  • Prioritisation of initial scans and remediation tasks
  • Optimisation and fine-tuning your vulnerability management tool
  • User training on use of vulnerability management tool

Secure your business

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