Big data analysis and operational infrastructure transformation to yield actionable business insight.

RiverSafe drives the seamless connection of all data points to uncover and utilise the value in unstructured data. Remove the existing silos to create a unified view of activity; generating better operational outcomes and improving business decisions.

Our Delivery Framework

Our data operations delivery framework ensures our solutions have maximum impact, and deliver consistently high-quality experiences.


Our Data Operations Solutions

  • IT Operations and Analytics (ITOA)

    IT Operations and Analytics (ITOA)

    Combine complete data visibility with predictive IT intelligence to drive better decision-making

  • User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

    User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

    Utilise machine learning to analyse and maximise your security system

  • Advanced Visualisation

    Advanced Visualisation

    Rapidly identify significant items or trends with simplified data analytics displays.

    Advanced Visualisation
  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Analysis complex data to create concise, relevant and valuable insights through one point of access.

    Advanced Analytics


  • "Our partnership with RiverSafe has accelerated the delivery of this programme, resulting not only in decreased risk but also reduced costs."

    A leading Telecommunications Provider

  • "RiverSafe‚Äôs expertise in infrastructure assurance is second to none and because RiverSafe has invested in both the technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge they were able to quickly sort out any issues and concerns we had surrounding this project."

    - Ryan Bateman, Information Security Officer, SmartestEnergy

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