Fight back against insider threats with UEBA

UEBA utilises machine learning to identify security anomalies, enabling security professionals to detect and respond to issues such as insider threats, compromised accounts and protecting privileged accounts to stop unauthorised access to sensitive data.

RiverSafe helps organisations implement and utilise UEBA in their IT security infrastructure.

What are the benefits of UEBA and how can RiverSafe help?

  • RiverSafe can help analyse your digital workplace and locate the source of cyber-attacks
  • RiverSafe can create analytics use cases to complement or replace your correlation use cases thereby giving your organisation a new set of detection capability.
  • RiverSafe has the capability to design and implement UEBA as well as integrate directly into your enterprise’s infrastructure in order to maximise your security operations, investigation and response capabilities.

User Behaviour Analytics from RiverSafe

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