Harness the power of machine learning to protect your data

Get ahead of insider threats, identify compromised accounts, and detect suspicious activity automatically with User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA).

Using machine learning to spot potential security anomalies, UEBA helps security professionals discover and respond to issues fast, and stop unauthorised access to sensitive data—before it’s too late.

More than 50% of attacks could be prevented with User Behaviour Analytics.

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Automation: the key to fighting the rising tide of cyber threats.

Cyber-attacks can come from anywhere, whether it be organised cyber criminals, geopolitical bad actors, or even a disgruntled employee looking to cause harm.

With so many possible origin points, it can be hard to locate the source of attacks to fix vulnerabilities and prevent them from reoccurring. No organisation has the time or manpower to address the enormous number of cyber issues that enterprises face.

That’s where smart, automated cyber security tools like UEBA can help.

SIEM tools alone aren’t enough to protect businesses from internal and external threats. UEBA complements SIEM, honing in on potentially malicious behaviour by learning what’s normal, and what’s not, within your business. The UEBA can then quickly identify user deviations from that norm and generate an alert.

How UEBA works

  • UEBA uses machine learning to create a baseline of normal behaviour for each user

  • UEBA monitors user behaviour and detects any activity that deviates from this baseline

  • Anomalous behaviour is flagged to the administrator for investigation

  • Cyber security teams gain actionable insights to help them better prioritise and respond to threats

What are the benefits of UEBA

  • Detect threats faster and more accurately
  • Automate security orchestration
  • Locate the source of cyber-attacks
  • Identify whether an employee’s credentials are being used by outsiders
  • Spot behavioural changes that can signal insider data theft or sabotage
  • Provide playbooks for efficient incident response


The RiverSafe approach

As cyber security experts, we understand how best to utilise UEBA, and can help your business select and implement the tools that best fit your security environment.


RiverSafe has extensive experience in designing and implementing UEBA tools, as well as integrating them directly into your enterprise’s infrastructure to maximise your security processes, investigation, and response capabilities.


RiverSafe will optimise UEBA to secure administrative access to your cyber security solutions. We help our customers with the configuration of their UEBA platforms, defining user thresholds to enable the security team to quickly identify any compromised accounts.


RiverSafe’s expert consultants will educate and mentor users on how best to deploy and utilise UEBA tools, training your internal team and delivering support to ensure your business is reaping all the benefits that UEBA offers.

Get in touch to learn how RiverSafe can help you implement UEBA and secure your business