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Our Flexible Support Service is designed to provide an additional layer of help for organisations using Security Intelligence and Analytics tools.

The whole package has been designed with flexibility in mind, providing customers with access to a range of different resources to help with any situation, whether it’s an unexpected technical fault, a planned project or a gap in your resourcing.

Our Service 

RiverSafe has built a team of experts in Intelligence, Security and Analytics tools like Splunk, Exabeam and Palo Alto, and underpinning infrastructure tools like Google and AWS. 

Our Flexible Support Service allows our customers to access this team of experts via a helpdesk that’s available at any time, or on a project basis as required.  All aspects of the service are delivered to an SLA, giving our customer the confidence that they can get the resources they need, when they need them. 

The flexibility in the service is its key value to our customers. The future is always uncertain, so a contract that allows variation as circumstances change remains relevant and important. 

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Key Features

  • The core of the Flexible Support Service is a helpdesk facility that can be commissioned to cover normal office hours or 24/7 depending on the need.  Staffed by experts, and delivering to SLA’s, the helpdesk is there to pick up any issues or requests made.
  • In addition to the helpdesk, the Flexible Support Service also provides our customers with access to a pool of expert technical and project resources that can be called upon to help with any task or project that cannot be resourced internally.

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The Benefits

The service has flexible hours of coverage, so whether you need an office hours weekday contract or a flexible 24/7 arrangement, our Flexible Support Service has you covered. 

The service provides flexible access to our full range of technical and project resources.  It doesn’t matter if you need a day of advice from one of our Principal Consultants, or a week of engineering time, you can just call off whatever you need. 

The service allows you to get help with any of our supported technologies and disciplines Exabeam, Splunk, Palo Alto, DomainToolsAmazon Web Services and Google Cloud Services are all supported. 

If you’re starting your journey with new technology, the Service helps build your own team’s technical knowledge as we’ll transfer some of that expertise every time we interact with you. 

How Flexible Support Services can help

Complex technologies can pose challenges for their administrators, and mission-critical technologies cannot afford to fail.  These two challenges when combined are the reason our Flexible Support Service exists; it is there to provide a critical technical safety net.

From time to time, organisations can find themselves short of the technical resources needed to get vital work completed.  Whether that’s caused by unexpected but urgent tasks, or by changes in the available technical resources, the impact is the same -something important has to wait.

The Flexible Support Service comes to the rescue in these sorts of situations, allowing our customers to dip into an extended team of technical and project resources at short notice whenever they need it.

Organisations often adopt new technologies with a long-term vision of how they’ll get the best out of them, but don’t always have the operational bandwidth to achieve all of those goals during the implementation phase.

Our Flexible Support Service allows customers to pre-plan those projects and provide the resources necessary ahead of time, then access them quickly as and when they are ready to address longer-term objectives.


It’s always a challenge for an organisation to forecast their resource availability and technical requirements at the outset of their journey with any new technology.

Our Flexible Support Services ensures confidence and trust saves them having to worry about that. RiverSafe will be there to fill any gaps in resourcing and help them achieve any additional technical requirements that come along.