Don’t let platform engineering be the weak link in your Intelligence and Analytics capability

Organisations make a significant investment in analytics and intelligence tooling in support of security and compliance monitoring.

SIEM, SOAR and UEBA are critical components of effective security monitoring, any failure of those tools can be as impactful to a SOC as having no security analysts available, leaving the organisation blind and unable to respond to real-time security threats.

Our Service

Riversafe manages Intelligence, Analytics and Orchestration platforms like SIEM, SOAR and UEBA for Security Monitoring, Security Compliance, IT Operational Analytics, Dev Ops and Cloud Security Management.

Our mission is to free organisations to gain valuable insight from intelligence and analytics platforms, without needing to worry about the maintenance of the tools delivering that insight.

Our unique platform engineering service provides access to industry leading expertise and operates a flexible resourcing model for proactive and collaborative management.


We have all of the expertise to deal with rapidly changing and complex technology platforms used in enterprise SOC environments. We are recent, multiple winners of Splunk’s PS partner of the year, and platform engineering specialists, not a SOC service generalist.

We have built a proactive and collaborative service based around a core set of performance indicators for each technology platform which reduces downtime and optimizes performance.

Our flexible resourcing model enables a timely and effective response to incidents when they occur, and ensures our customers always have the right skills on hand when they need them.

Managed Services Customer Story

Customer Story


RiverSafe provides skills and resources to meet the evolving configuration requirements of analytics and intelligence platforms.

Our managed platform engineering service includes planned platform management and maintenance tasks.

Protective Maintenance is conducted to a schedule or as required in order to keep all aspects of the platform performing at optimal levels.

Riversafe Platform Intelligence helps us monitor, assess and audit your Analytics platforms to ensure they are operating effectively and within safe capacity parameters, addressing potential issues early to minimize the number of issues and reduce downtime.

When critical issues do arise, we have all of the necessary skills and resources to provide a rapid response and resolution capability to get the platform back up and running as quickly as possible.

Managed Services With RiverSafe

Not getting the full potential out of your platform? Find out how RiverSafe can help.

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Managed Security Platform Services

We help organisations get the best out of their tools without retaining their own specialist engineering team. Find out more.

Managed Security Platform Services