Increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and improve service quality with DevOps

DevOps gives you a significant competitive advantage by enabling your organisation to adapt quickly to change and bring new products and services to market faster. Not only that, DevOps also encourages a culture of innovation and agility, in which teams can experiment and continuously improve processes and practices.

With digital transformation remaining a high priority for many organisations, there’s never been a better time to embrace DevOps.

Optimise your DevOps practice with RiverSafe

At RiverSafe, we understand that no two DevOps teams are the same. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them build, deploy and improve their DevOps practices in a way that delivers the outcomes they want with the resources they have.

We’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies—including Vodafone, Sky and BP—to help improve the efficiency of their software delivery process through the adoption of DevOps.

As cyber security and DevOps experts, RiverSafe ensure that security, stability, and delivery are at the core of your business operations. By removing existing silos and creating a unified view of activity, you’ll get access to business insight to help you adapt faster.

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Our DevOps Services

Our DevOps consulting services have been designed to match where you are at in your DevOps journey. From just starting out, to a fully integrated DevOps practice, our experts can help you to improve the efficiency of your software delivery process.

  • Phase 0 - No DevOps

    Phase 0 - No DevOps

    You have a siloed structure, where development, operations and other teams work in isolation, without sharing information or collaborating.

  • Phase 1 - Segmented DevOps

    Phase 1 - Segmented DevOps

    Some teams have started to adopt DevOps practices, however these practices are not yet widespread, and there is no consistency across teams.

  • Phase 2 - Standardised DevOps

    Phase 2 - Standardised DevOps

    DevOps is adopted across your organisation and processes are standardised and you are looking at ways to enhance and improve.

  • Phase 3 - Advanced DevOps

    Phase 3 - Advanced DevOps

    You have a mature DevOps culture that is focused on continuous improvement. You are looking at driving innovation through exploring new ways of working.

Where are you at in your DevOps journey?

Using industry-standard metrics, we can help you measure, assess, and analyse your DevOps capabilities, giving you the actionable data you need to enhance your practice and boost your competitiveness.

Size up your DevOps practice with our free assessment tool

Our free assessment tool, built around the DORA framework, helps you gauge the maturity of your DevOps practice across departments, highlighting areas to focus on and forecasting the development of your abilities over time. All in just a few minutes!

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Develop your DevOps capabilities

Our expert DevOps consultants can help your team to develop your practices and process in areas such as:

  • Containerization

    Packaging applications and dependencies into portable units for streamlined deployment and resource efficiency.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Managing infrastructure through programmable code for automation, scalability, and consistent provisioning.

  • Cloud Engineering

    Designing and building cloud-based solutions for cost savings, flexibility, and accelerated innovation.

  • Continuous Testing

    Maximise software quality and efficiency with automated and manual Continuous Testing throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Prioritise code maintainability to effortlessly enhance collaboration and productivity.

  • Code Maintainability

    Elevate your team's productivity with an environment in which developers can easily make changes and updates.

  • Organisational Culture

    Transform your organisation with a proven culture that fosters IT and organisational excellence and reduces burnout.

  • Monitoring and Observability

    Unlock insights and improve system health with seamless, comprehensive monitoring and observability.

  • Small Batch Work

    Accelerate innovation and improve feedback loops by breaking work down into smaller, manageable pieces.

  • Learning Culture

    Encourage constant growth and progress by embracing learning as a vital investment.

  • Work-in-Process Limits

    Enhance your processes and increase throughput by utilising work-in-process limits to effectively manage work flow.

  • Trunk-Based Development

    Supercharge your software development and delivery performance with fewer active branches, shorter branch lifetimes, and seamless collaboration.

  • Continuous Integration

    Streamline software delivery and guarantee reliable builds with regular code reviews.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Release changes quickly, safely, and sustainably without impacting users, and make changes to production at any time with confidence.

  • Loosely Coupled Architecture

    Upgrade the way your teams work and deliver value by enabling independent performance and quick delivery.

Developing all stages of DevOps


  • Audit and consult on existing assets
  • Create roadmap
  • Identify business metrics and Business continuity requirements
  • Ensure collaborative project management practices


  • Build a platform and apply/ embed tools for collaborative working
  • Suggest improvements to existing DevOps platform
  • Set up/improve  Software development process with emphasis on Shift left paradigm
  • Guide Software development and DevOps/platform activities
  • Analyse and improve existing continuous integration pipelines


  • Improve continuous delivery by means of infrastructure as code and automation of manual processes
  • Help with deployments of SW assets in hybrid / cloud environments by way of CI/CD
  • Improve continuous delivery process


  • Consult on disaster recover activities and drills
  • Consult on security aspects of implemented DevOps process
  • Post implementation support


  • Introduce or improve Monitoring as integral product operations practice
  • Suggest adoption of Observability tools


  • "RiverSafe’s expertise in infrastructure assurance is second to none and because RiverSafe has invested in both the technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge they were able to quickly sort out any issues and concerns we had surrounding this project."

    Ryan Bateman, Information Security Officer, SmartestEnergy

  • “The (RiverSafe) team have been terrific and their expertise and support has been second to none”


  • "Our partnership with RiverSafe has accelerated the delivery of this programme, resulting not only in decreased risk but also reduced costs."

    A leading Telecommunications Provider

What are the benefits of improved DevOps practices?


Smoother scalability

Scale software delivery processes more easily, enabling you to support growing customer bases and increasing demand

Increased business agility

Respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs by using agile methodologies, to adapt to changing requirements and deliver faster and more frequently

Enhanced customer experience

Respond more quickly to customer feedback and provide a better overall experience by delivering software faster and more frequently

Improved product quality

Practices such as Continuous testing and Monitoring help you identify and fix issues more quickly, improving software quality and reducing the number of defects in production

Better collaboration

With an emphasis on collaboration and communication between development, operations, and other stakeholders, DevOps breaks down silos and improves overall team productivity

Tighter security

Upgrade software security by integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle, identifying and addressing security issues earlier in the process, and reducing the risk of security breaches

Faster delivery times

Release software more quickly and frequently, ensuring you can respond faster to market changes and customer needs, and stay ahead of the competition

Reduced costs

Improve cost management by optimising processes and reducing waste, boosting your bottom line and financial performance

Greater efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by automating aspects of software development and deployment, reducing errors and freeing your software team up to do more valuable work in the process

Why RiverSafe?

As your DevOps partner, we are fully invested in your success.

We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and implement solutions, tools and processes to deploy applications quickly and securely.

Our solutions are delivered by our expert team, who are committed to industry-leading service. We give businesses the perspective and insight they need to create unified solutions and make better-informed business decisions.


Don’t let inefficient DevOps processes hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about how RiverSafe can help your business thrive.