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Did You Miss our Seminar on Using Splunk’s Security Analytics to Defend Against Threats?

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The sophistication of modern cyberattacks and the persistent nature of advanced threats requires organisations to re-evaluate their entire security ecosystem - especially those that are heavily regulated in the financial services industry.

It is critical that security analytics include a detailed analysis of information on users, attacks, context, time and location from identity, endpoints, servers, apps, web and email servers, and non-traditional systems.

Splunk’s analytics-driven security solutions deliver a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, including advanced techniques like machine learning and behavioural analytics. These techniques help security teams quickly identify, investigate, and respond to threats.

We discussed this and more during our seminar on Thursday 25th January.  We would like to give a special thank you to our guest speaker, Tim Burnett, who provided a great presentation on the current state of Cyber Security in businesses.  And to our partners James Hanlon and Paul Bryant from Splunk who also provided some great use cases and an overview on Splunk’s analytics- driven security solutions.

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