Using Splunk’s Security Analytics to Defend Against Threats

A RiverSafe Event

Find out how you can quickly identify and respond to the latest threats with RiverSafe and Splunk

In today’s world of ever-evolving threats, it is critical that any security analytics include a detailed analysis of information on users, attacks, context, time and location from identity, endpoints, servers, apps, web and email servers, and non-traditional systems.  The good news is that Splunk’s analytics-driven security solutions provide a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, including advanced techniques like machine learning and behavioural analytics which will be big in 2018.

If you are looking to improve your defences you should come along to our Machine Learning and Security Analytics Seminar on 25th January 2018 where the following industry experts talk you through how to keep data secure from advanced threats.

  • Focused investigation

    Identifying and resolving IT and security incidents by automatically detecting anomalies and patterns in data.

  • Intelligent alerting

    Reducing alert fatigue by identifying normal patterns for specific sets of circumstances.

  • Predictive actions

    Anticipating and reacting to circumstances such as proactive maintenance that might otherwise disrupt operations or revenue.

Our first speaker is a former CISO and senior cyber security adviser Tim Burnett who will be providing insight on the state of the IT world, current and emerging threats and compliance, leading into artificial intelligence and how Splunk’s decade long experience has helped to craft the perfect platform for network security.

Following Tim will be Splunk experts James Hanlon and Paul Bryant who will talk about how Splunk can help as well as their strategy and vision for the future. This will be backed up with case studies from several Splunk customers.

James Hanlon is the Director of Security Markets Specialisation, EMEA at Splunk. James provides cross industry insights and strategic advisory services to promote better industry security analytics collaboration and effectiveness. Before joining Splunk James held senior security roles at organisations such as Symantec, Nexus AB, CGI and Oberthur Card Systems

Paul Bryant is Security Field Product Manager for Splunk and an expert Security Consultant with past experiences at organisations such as Cisco, Vodafone and Verizon Business.

Ending off the event will be our experts from RiverSafe - Suid Adeyanju, Ivan Brazza, and Mark Lawrence, who will provide an overview of Splunk’s security analytics showcasing this through new case studies and use cases.

Suid is one of the co-founders of Riversafe and has years of experience in design, implementation and documentation of secure network infrastructures.

Ivan is a security consultant for RiverSafe and has deep experience in the fields of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from strategy through to implementation.

Mark is a highly-experienced IT operational leader who has helped several organisations to develop and execute strategic transformation programmes.

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Date:Thursday 25th January
Time:15.30 – 18.00
Location:Chartered Accountants Hall, 1 Moorgate Pl, London EC2R 6EA.

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15.30- 16.00


16.00- 16.30

Guest speaker, former CISO Tim Burnett – Latest security threat landscape and threat graph.

16.30- 17.00

James Hanlon Director of Security Markets Specialisation, Splunk and Paul Bryant, Field Product Manager – How Splunk Security Analytics can help.

17.00- 17.30

Suid Adeyanju and Ivan Brazza, Riversafe present a Splunk use case.

17.30- 18.30

Suid Adeyanju and Mark Lawrence. RiverSafe will wrap up and networking drinks will follow.

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