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RiverSafe Sponsored the Palo Alto Network’s Cloud Summit on 21st March 2019.


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The Cloud is a valuable part of the digital workplace for many businesses. Over the year’s adoption has significantly increased as the benefits of off-site solutions for storage and data protection became apparent. This includes cyber security practices.

However, many enterprises focus so much on the benefits of the Cloud that they fail to properly secure the platform, leaving it vulnerable to both inside and outsider threats.

In order to help businesses better understand the Cloud, Palo Alto Networks hosted a Cloud Summit featuring several experts and security professionals who shared their experiences around each step of Cloud transformation.

RiverSafe was one of the experts participating in this event, teaching all about securing your Cloud migration with RedLock. Palo Alto Networks’ recognises aims to tackle the threat of cyber attacks before migration to the Cloud even begins. This means, the Cloud is fully secured across the entire adoption journey and beyond.

If you want to learn more on RedLock and RiverSafe's Cloud Security solutions then please visit the appropriate solution and insights page, or contact us via e-mail/telephone for more information.

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