The latest innovation in SIEM operations, Exabeam Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-hosted SaaS solution designed to alleviate workload and stress from your current framework.  

With fully automated features ranging from 24/7 health checks to capacity monitoring, and a user-based pricing model specifically designed to avoid unnecessary and unpredictable billing, there’s no better time to take your current SIEM framework to the next level.  

Key features include: 

  • Rapid deployment, ensuring that your framework is optimised and at peak performance as soon as possible. 
  • Quick and seamless data ingest with prebuilt integrations. 
  • Full capacity to analyse data from any cloud or on-premises data source.  

Tailored cloud-hosted solutions for businesses of any size 

Exabeam Cloud comes in two packages, each designed to cater to a specific landscape for optimised results: 

  1. SaaS Essentials 
  • For environments with less than 2500 users. 
  • Non-customisable, with DL/AA fixed offering. 
  • Full access to basic log sources/use cases. 
  1. SaaS Enterprise 
  • For environments with more than 2500 users. 
  • Fully customisable to intricately cater to each framework. 

To begin your SIEM transformation to a fully automated, adaptable and seamless framework, download our product sheets in the link below. 

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