Reduce risk and embed security into your DevOps pipeline—without slowing it down.

Creating secure, resilient products is a critical consideration for any software development team. But building security into the development process doesn’t have to mean sacrificing speed and agility.

With expert DevSecOps services from RiverSafe, your DevOps team can embed security into their software development lifecycle while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

As a specialised professional services provider in cybersecurity and DevOps, we’ve designed our DevSecOps services to address your unique needs and level up your development team’s cybersecurity posture.

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Your agile development pipeline
could be at risk if:

  • There are no security processes embedded into the SDLC
  • Developers are using tools and data from multiple sources, slowing down the development process
  • There is no clear and cohesive view of vulnerabilities across teams and regions
  • You have insufficient ability to handle zero-day threats

Find out where your weak points are and how to address them.

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RiverSafe offers several DevSecOps services to help you deliver secure, high-quality products quickly using tools and techniques built for proactive product security.

  • Digital Maturity Assessments

    Digital Maturity Assessments

    Assess your teams and organisational performance against a globally defined benchmark for elite, secure development. Get solid actions to move your maturity to the next level.

  • Threat Modelling Enablement

    Threat Modelling Enablement

    Empower your agile teams with training on how to incorporate threat modelling seamlessly into their delivery processes. By shifting left and identifying security issues early on, you can proactively mitigate risks throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Supply Chain Analysis

    Supply Chain Analysis

    Assess third-party and supply-chain dependencies, and mitigate risks associated with external components, ensuring the integrity and security of your products.

  • Secure SDLC as a Service

    Secure SDLC as a Service

    Guidance and support to implement a Secure SDLC tailored to your organisation. With our proven methodologies and best practises, you can embed security seamlessly into your development processes, ensuring secure and resilient applications.

  • Code Scanning Tooling Setup and Evaluation

    Code Scanning Tooling Setup and Evaluation

    Help to leverage cutting-edge open-source scanning tools, including our tool Eze, and establish a robust and easy-to-use CI/CD scanning capability. This forms the foundation of any successful shift-left initiative, enabling you to identify vulnerabilities efficiently.


We understand that every business does things differently. That’s why we have a range of engagement options available, so you can choose the service that works best for your organisation.

  • SDLC Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

We handle your entire Security SDLC from start to finish, implementing tools, creating workflows, and optimising all aspects to mitigate false positives and provide recommendations for ongoing improvement.

  • Resource Augmentation

When you need additional expertise in application security (AppSec), our team of experienced security engineers is ready to support you, using their deep product security knowledge to seamlessly augment your existing teams.

  • Training

Our comprehensive, customised training programmes equip your employees with essential security skills, including cybersecurity and DevSecOps, to ensure your team is empowered to effectively handle security challenges.


Why choose RiverSafe to support your DevSecOps journey?

Extensive experience

You’ll benefit from our years of experience helping hundreds of teams implement successful shift-left initiatives. With clients across multiple industries and regions, our consultants are not only highly trained in technical delivery and consultancy skills, but they also have the vertical-specific knowledge needed to ensure success.

 Deep insights and global delivery

We’ve built extensive global delivery experience working with complex organisations. Our deep insights into industry trends, market saturation, and emerging technologies allow us to offer informed guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

Proven DevOps practices

Our approach is built on tried-and-tested best practises from both cybersecurity and DevOps, ensuring a seamless integration of security into your development pipelines. We understand the challenges of balancing security and velocity, and our methodologies focus on enabling you to scale security without compromising speed.

Reliable, credible partnerships

Our commitment to building long-term relationships that deliver reliable, high-quality services has earned us the trust of some of the world’s biggest brands. We’ve also established strong relationships with industry-leading cybersecurity vendors like Splunk, Exabeam, and Cribl, who trust us to provide outstanding support to their customers.

  • "The RiverSafe team has been terrific and their expertise and support has been second to none."

    Jake Francis, Head of Technology Security for the Information Security Technology Group, Vodafone

Balancing Speed and Security with EZE.

Empower your DevOps teams to secure applications effortlessly with EZE, an open-source security automation tool designed for speed, ease of use, and seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline.

Learn more and download Eze here.

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