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The challenge

At our client, a multinational Oil and Gas company, the IT team provides technical support and security reporting to over 7,000 retail sites. Their work includes managing all firewalls, switches, VPNs, servers and network appliances, as well as the challenging job of keeping track of operational and compliance status.

Due to limitations with its existing SIEM solution, the team in North America struggled to get full visibility on over 40% of the activities within its PCI environment. This significant blind spot left the company vulnerable and at high risk of data breaches.

Not only was gaining a complete overview of PCI activity an issue, but the team also had to undertake hours of manual data processing and other activities. This extra workload was partly a result of poor data structuring within the SIEM solution, making it difficult to search.


Having already seen the benefits of using Splunk within its European team, our client opted to implement the platform to improve security and observability in North America. To help deploy the new solution, they commissioned RiverSafe due to their expertise with Splunk to deliver the implementation in partnership with its internal team.

With the support of RiverSafe, the team created a bespoke design blueprint and built its own Splunk instance within its private cloud environment. This was a significant step for the team, resulting in previously siloed archive data from 15 data sources and 7,000 websites being stored in one space, and creating a one-stop-shop for PCI compliance officers to access the information they need.

As an accredited Splunk partner, RiverSafe was able to deliver expertise in demonstrating PCI compliance, providing the in-house team with the ability to verify compliance by improving data handling and automating reporting.


Since RiverSafe successfully implemented Splunk, the team has gained full visibility into their PCI environment, ensuring the security of their data and improving efficiency around reporting. Now, the team is fully equipped to keep on top of both operational and compliance activities.

Benefits achieved by the implementation include:

  • 20-30% reduction of time spent on evidence collection for PCI audit
  • 15-20% reduction of operational admin time through the removal of manual processes
  • 24/7 protection of data and the systems processing it thanks to real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Visibility on the whole environment
  • Improved ability to mitigate potential fraud and prevent security breaches
  • Instant visibility on PCI compliance across the whole environment
  • Immediate notification of any breaches of PCI compliance requirements

“It’s night and day compared to our previous SIEM solution”

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