Enhanced threat detection inside and out with Exabeam

Customer success story

The challenge

With an extensive network of customers spanning the globe, cybersecurity is a primary concern for our client. Protecting extensive infrastructure and customer data requires a robust cybersecurity posture and effective tools, but the team found its SIEM solution lacking. Flooding its security team with an unmanageable number of false positives, the solution was diverting attention away from genuine threats and leaving them vulnerable.

A substandard SIEM solution was not the only security issue. With no UEBA platform in place to help detect insider threats and data breaches, the company was faced with a number of gaps and weak spots in its security infrastructure that needed to be addressed.

The biggest concerns centred around three key issues:

  • A lack of insider threat detection: Without a UEBA solution, the company had difficulty identifying insider threats and anomalous user behaviour within the network.
  • Time spent on manual investigation: Security analysts spent significant amounts of time manually correlating events and investigating incidents, leading to delays in incident response and inefficient use of resources.
  • Alert fatigue: The company’s existing SIEM solution generated a high volume of alerts, making it challenging for analysts to identify genuine threats among the many false positives.

The solution

The company engaged with RiverSafe to create a bespoke implementation plan that would address its primary issues and properly secure its digital infrastructure.

Working in collaboration with the in-house security team, RiverSafe got to grips with existing infrastructure, gathered requirements and outlined the desired outcomes of the project.

With all challenges and end goals collated, the RiverSafe team developed a solution that would meet all requirements and eliminate current security weaknesses. The team suggested Exabeam’s Fusion SIEM platform as it addressed the key concerns:

  • Incident management
    Delivering streamlined incident management processes by automating the correlation and enrichment of security events, Fusion SIEM equips analysts with actionable insights and real-time alerts. This improved visibility helps analysts hone in on genuine threats more quickly and reduce response times.
  • Behaviour analytics
    Tackling the company’s lack of UEBA issue, Exabeam’s advanced machine learning algorithms were configured to establish baseline behaviour for all users and systems. Any deviation from this baseline alerts analysts, enabling them to investigate anomalous activities and potential security issues, including insider threats.
  • Data integration
    The platform was integrated with various data sources, including logs from firewalls, servers, applications, and network devices to ensure comprehensive visibility across the organisation’s infrastructure.

The outcome

The implementation of Exabeam’s Fusion SIEM solution has yielded significant benefits, including:

  • Enhanced threat detection: Exabeam’s behavioural analytics (AA) and machine learning (ML) capabilities have improved the accuracy of threat detection, enabling analysts to identify and respond to security incidents more effectively.
  • Faster incident response: Exabeam’s automated incident enrichment and real-time alerts are helping the security team to respond to incidents promptly, minimising the impact of potential breaches.
  • Reduced alert fatigue: The platform’s next-generation event analysis capabilities have reduced the number of false positives generated, reducing alert fatigue and giving analysts more time to focus on genuine threats.
  • Improved insider threat detection: With its advanced behaviour analytics, Fusion SIEM is enabling the team to detect insider threats by identifying abnormal user activities and deviations from established behavioural patterns.