How RiverSafe ensures ROI for security technology customers

by Suid Adeyanju

By Suid Adeyanju, Director

Security technology customers

Security technology customers aren’t getting value for money. And point solutions are a key part of the problem.

Because many market vendors aren’t delivering joined-up solutions, customers have been left with several, semi-functional products.

Often, they’re not told how to leverage these products effectively to improve their security infrastructure. Equally, they’re left in the dark as to how they integrate with their existing portfolio of products. Integrating these point solutions is essential to having a holistic view and improving security posture.

Clearly, this situation isn’t sustainable. With so much business critical data relying on watertight cybersecurity measures, improved services must be provided. Without them, paying customers are being left open to costly cyber attacks.

This is RiverSafe’s mission. We want to build truly resilient enterprises by transforming security and data processes. We aim to help organisations drive value from their existing security technology investments and ensuring they have a joined-up, fully integrated capability to deliver true cyber security intelligence.

A new industry standard

A threefold solution can practically tackle the issues currently facing the security technology landscape.

Firstly, an extensive design period must be completed by vendors to ensure that solutions are tailored to customer needs. Developing open APIs to allow integrating their tools into the customer’s existing ecosystem to strengthen their wider security infrastructures.

Secondly, implementation must be sound. More vendors should look for partners who can help to ensure customers are guided through the onboarding phase. This means that relevant stakeholders must be trained to maximise their solution’s capabilities.

And thirdly, customers must be provided with ongoing support. As new threats emerge, relevant stakeholders need to have access to real-time actionable insights. Again, vendor partners have a key role to play here in solidifying vendor/customer relationships.

Cloud control

Particularly for the success of large cloud migrations, this framework is crucial. That’s because, historically, security teams within customer environments have raised questions about the visibility and control they have over these projects.

But as migration is both an inevitability and a necessity for large corporates, security technology vendors and partners must be able to guarantee security posture improvements during and after the transition.

This can’t be done while the current points solution dogma reigns. Having security teams throw tools at engineering teams without ensuring that industry best practice are followed or that the effectiveness of the tools are monitored simply isn’t sufficient to protect business critical data in the cloud.

The RiverSafe approach

RiverSafe recognises the need for more than just tools. Customers need a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure they get return on investment for security technology. Equally, vendors need partners to ensure their customers are able to respond quickly and effectively to system vulnerabilities and threats.

We sit at the heart of this ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders are pulling in the same direction. This is the holistic approach we need to foster better customer relationships and drive better business outcomes.

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By Suid Adeyanju