How Splunk helps organisations improve cybersecurity observability

by Riversafe

In today’s world, there isn’t a functioning business or organisation that doesn’t need a stable and reliable platform to keep its digital systems safe. The topic of cybersecurity is everywhere at the moment, and with the tactics of cyber infiltrators becoming increasingly intelligent and strategic, IT security should be at the forefront of every business’s mind.

As the data industry progressively dominates the market, data itself becomes equally valuable. No organisation is exempt from a cyber-attack, and to protect its data and other assets, security visibility is essential.

Cybersecurity solutions like Splunk offer comprehensive visibility across digital landscapes, catering to the criteria that businesses and security teams require in our current cyber climate.

How does Splunk give organisations the most out of its technology?

Splunk is a streamlined security platform that can operate as part of a critical infrastructure both within the cloud or on-premise. It’s an all-encompassing, one-stop tool that specialises in threat detection, rapidly responsive security investigations and other security orchestration automation response (SOAR) capabilities.

As a centralised security data platform, Splunk empowers security operations allowing for consistent management of cyber environments and network traffic. Through machine learning (ML), this cybersecurity software generates information on a real-time basis with the ability to act and investigate data streaming live, or from the past.

Splunk enables organisations to turn their aspirations for visibility across cybersecurity into reality. This is a long-term solution that will evolve as your organisation does, and deliver outcomes driven by data.

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All you need to know about Splunk

Who is the software for?

Splunk can be used by either brand-new customers who are searching to modernise their security operations or existing customers who want to expand their package. This software can greatly advantage security teams from all kinds of businesses who want a clear perspective of their cyber landscape.

Fast-paced security teams

If you are looking for a centralised cybersecurity platform that will simplify workflow whilst producing high-quality and reliable data, then Splunk may be for you. These capabilities help to simplify workloads for security teams, providing trustworthy data analytics.

Splunk is easy to deploy in a greenfield IT environment, giving an instant 360-degree perspective. As a single platform, Splunk can swiftly step in as the core of your cybersecurity monitoring.

Users wanting to make the most out of their Splunk ecosystem

For organisations who may already be familiar with Splunk over a number of years, Splunk’s family of products – Splunk have added additional capabilities. Get more out of it than you’re currently getting.

With the options of Splunk with Splunk Security Cloud and Splunk Phantom, businesses can utilise multi-cloud environments. As you construct your package, you can enhance the efficiency of your entire security ecosystem.

Teams looking for a solution for their use cases

Whether you are well-acquainted with some of Splunk’s offerings or are looking to implement Splunk for the first time, Splunk will quickly help you turn ideas about what you would like to see into actionable intelligence which can be utilised for valuable use cases.

5 Advantages of using Splunk for a start-to-finish cybersecurity operation

   1. All in one solution

Splunk prides itself as a ‘data-to-everything’ platform. Your security monitoring can all take place in a single location. With the ability to monitor, investigate and analyse, you can expect a holistic approach to security incident management.

   2. Improved threat detection

Each tool can provide a different type of threat detection. Splunk augmentation can improve overall threat detection across the board, offering reliable ransomware protection.

   3. Time-saving

As Splunk operates on a centralised system, no time is wasted hopping between platforms to source information. Through security orchestration, automation and response, this threat detection tool can also save time, responding to incidents within seconds.

   4. Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

This cybersecurity tool automates common processes, freeing up analysts’ time, reducing operational costs and encouraging efficiency and consistency. With SOAR, Splunk allows for increased productivity for your information security analysts so they can focus on the tasks that need attention.

   5. Better insights

Through the Splunk cybersecurity platform, users can, with guidance, unleash new insights from data. The vast availability of data sources across Splunk enables the analysis of massive datasets. Through predictive analytics, outlier detection and event clustering, security teams can more intricately question the information they receive. The removal of data silos allows for a much clearer perspective of data.

Challenges you may experience and how we can help

If you’re considering Splunk to manage your IT security, you may already have some questions about how it will affect your infrastructure. Similarly, if you have adopted Splunk recently, you may have already encountered challenges. RiverSafe can help.

Use case migration

If you are migrating your security monitoring infrastructure to Splunk, previous use cases may not be easily transferable and some processes will inevitably change with a new technology platform.

The resolution

RiverSafe can help ease the migration process, retaining the core value of the use cases you’ve already defined, whilst helping you rationalise the configuration for the new platform.

Identifying the best tool for the job

It’s likely that, when implementing Splunk, you will be considering the usefulness of the other cybersecurity tools and platforms that you have been using. Organisations are always keen to ensure they avoid duplication of function and select the most effective tool for the task.

The resolution

Whilst Splunk can provide a wide range of functions, it also integrates with numerous security tools. RiverSafe can help you identify sensible integration points and opportunities for orchestration and automation.

The needs of your team and organisation

Organisations and their security teams will gain the most from this software if they are aware of how it works and the use cases it can serve. If organisations cannot map their cybersecurity strategies to what the platform offers, it can lead to situations where the technology is not utilised to its full potential.

The resolution

We offer demo sessions to ensure you can obtain a deeper understanding of how Splunk cybersecurity works.

This, alongside any extra advice and guidance you may need from RiverSafe, can help combat the challenge of not knowing entirely what you want and need from your cybersecurity systems.

The initial set-up can be time-consuming if you’re new to the technology

For those who are not used to Splunk, or security software that operates in this way, then initially setting up and using Splunk can be a significant time and skills investment.

The resolution

RiverSafe can manage the application security process, providing a fully managed service where we take care of implementing and running this software on your internal network. We can also evaluate whether your company will gain more from an on-premise or a cloud-based platform and will integrate accordingly.

If your security analysts and security leaders would rather manage the software themselves, we offer comprehensive training for Splunk integration. This will help to give security teams and businesses more confidence when working with new software.

SIEM licensing is often based on data volumes and can be expensive for businesses if the data-streaming strategy has not been optimised. RiverSafe can reduce the cost to make it more accessible. We can also make Splunk more cost-effective for your organisation by implementing it with the data-streaming processing tool, Cribl. Together these tools work by reducing storage consumption by dropping unwanted or unusable data as well as ensuring compliance.

Maximise your software investment with RiverSafe

Whilst, inevitably there are challenges with using Splunk, as there will be with any worthwhile technology, RiverSafe can make the transition and ongoing use of it much smoother.

If you think your business could benefit from Splunk cybersecurity software, or you would like to organise a training session or demo, then contact RiverSafe today. We are always happy to help and share our expertise to give your organisation a greater security posture and enable you to thrive.


By Riversafe

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