Running, Raising Money and RiverSafe

by Riversafe

Sometimes we need to face a challenge, try something new, and such a challenge can be even better if you can do it with friends or work colleagues! That is exactly what we decided to do here at RiverSafe. The team needed a fresh contest so we decided to sign up for some gruelling long-distance runs. We are all at different levels which means that some of us enjoy a quick 30-minute run of an evening, others prefer to run further and for longer and some of us couldn’t think of anything worse! Because of this, the team decided to enter different races to suit our different abilities.

Back in 2018 RiverSafe and Splunk signed a covenant to support the Armed Forces, so we felt it was apt that whatever the challenge any money raised would go to the Armed Forces, Help for Heroes charity which is very close to the business and our hearts.

For those who were a little more used to running, they decided to put themselves through an endurance test. A mix of 10ks and 20ks this would be a great way to push themselves and truly see what they could achieve. No obstacles to be used as an excuse for a ‘breather’, just 3 people, 3 pairs of trainers and one track.

This race took place on the 3rd of August and the 3 people running from RiverSafe, did tremendously well. Suid, Akmaral and Jason worked well as a team, and spurred each other on from the very start. We are very proud of them for completing their races whatever the length. A big well done to everyone.

Likewise in October there is a slightly bigger group of RiverSafe employees going out for the Tough Mudder run! This is a 5k race…. with a twist. There will be mud, obstacles and icy water! These types of runs are not as competitive in terms of personal bests, Tough Mudder is more of a ‘pat on the back’ for just completing it! The team knows not to wear their favourite sports top, especially anything white because by the end of the competition they’ll be covered head to toe in mud. We’re excited to complete this race as a team! We’re going to have a lot of laughs on the day and it will create many memories.

For those less familiar, the Armed Forces Covenant was created as a promise by the nation that those who serve or have served as well as their families are always treated fairly. RiverSafe feels that those who have served make great candidates because they offer unique skills and have advanced problem-solving capabilities. Because of this RiverSafe has hired a number of ex-forces employees which is one of the reasons why we support this charity.

If you would like to donate money for the Help for Heroes charity, please find the link here. The Tough Mudder team have up until the 5th of October to raise as much money as we can for this amazing cause and every penny will be gratefully received.


By Riversafe

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