Risk management in cyber security assessments

by Vinaya Sheshadri

Cyber security risk management applies the traditional principles of risk management to your cyber infrastructure. It identifies, assesses and prioritises your key risks and vulnerabilities. It also helps you take proactive steps to reduce the impacts of business-critical cyber threats.

Why is risk assessment critical to cyber security?

Cyber security risk assessments help consolidate your internal and external cyber defences. That means providing robust counter-threat measures and educating your teams about the risks they encounter every day. The multi-pronged approach encouraged by cyber risk assessments makes your business resilient to the complex landscape of threats facing you.

What are the risk management processes in cyber security?

The four key risk management processes in cybersecurity are:

1. Identifying risks – which assets are most critical and what compromises their security?
2. Assessing risks – how much could the risk compromise your assets?
3. Deciding mitigation strategy – what techniques can minimise the risks to your assets?
4. Future proofing – if risks remain after mitigation, how should you proceed?

An expert consultant can help you form meaningful answers to all of these questions to effectively protect your business.

What is a cyber risk assessment matrix?

A cyber risk assessment matrix helps to effectively analyse the probability and severity of particular risks. These are grouped into acceptable risks, unacceptable risks and as low as reasonably possible (ALARP) risks. By visualising the threat landscape, you can more effectively prioritise your resources and target your mitigation strategies.

What are the fundamentals of cloud risk assessment?

Cloud risk assessments largely follow the same principles of cyber and regular risk assessments. Cloud risk assessments only differ in that they must be carried out by cloud specialists in order to be successful. Not every provider of a cyber risk assessment will provide these services.

What cyber risk management services does RiverSafe offer?

RiverSafe’s cyber security and data operations solutions protect some of the world’s biggest brands from costly breaches.

Arrange a consultation to see how our risk management services can help you.

By Vinaya Sheshadri