RiverSafe Invests in Education

by Lawrence Hide

Providing Education Opportunities

RiverSafe is proud to be committed to various corporate social responsibility efforts, and one of our newest and most ambitious efforts is supporting a charity that provides education opportunities for disadvantaged children.

That charity is Path to Possibilities (P2P).

Supporting them was a simple decision, the opportunity to directly support disadvantaged young people in Nigeria was something we could not miss out on. As an organisation we strongly believe in people having good access to education and being able to progress their skills. The resources and funding that Path to Possibilities provide help to introduce education opportunities into communities that are often left behind.

Why Did We Choose Path to Possibilities?

With our dedication to corporate social responsibility and our close links to Nigeria, supporting Path to Possibilities was a very easy decision for our directors.

“RiverSafe has been supporting P2P for a few years now and we see the work they are doing as crucial to the health and development of the society in Nigeria. P2P have a simple but clear vision on how they are going about impacting positive change to the education of young children from underprivileged backgrounds. RS leadership have always believed that one of Nigeria’s most important resources is its young population but, with levels of poverty very high, this part of society is hugely undermined when it comes to education. RiverSafe, as part of our sustainability initiative are committed to partnering with organisations like P2P who are beginning to ‘move the needle’ towards eradicating this disadvantage”

-Oseloka Obiora, CTO

How Do Path to Possibilities Help?

Path to Possibilities primarily help children in their resource centre by providing access to IT equipment, internet and textbooks but on top of this they also sponsor children through their secondary education.

State secondary education can be inconsistent in Nigeria and so this scheme gives gifted children the chance to reach their potential by sponsoring them through one of Nigeria’s private secondary schools.

This costs just over £1,000 a year. For this small amount Path to Possibilities can revolutionise the education of bright but disadvantaged children in Lagos. They would quite simply not get the same opportunities to prove themselves without this investment into their education.

Through donating regular and growing financial contributions, RiverSafe has shown that businesses can and should make a difference. Our long term and still-growing relationship shows that charities such as Path to Possibilities can be trusted by companies to make a significant impact in the communities they are based in.

Please visit the Path to Possibilities Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/p2pnigeria/) or their website (https://www.pathtopossibilities.co.uk/) to see more of the great work that they do and to find out how to donated yourself.

Find out more about how RiverSafe supports Path to Possibilities here: https://riversafe.co.uk/news/transforming-lives-through-education-riversafe-and-path-to-possibilities/

By Lawrence Hide