Are you fully prepared for the cloud?

by Suid Adeyanju

The cloud security market will be worth $12.73bn by 2022.

The cloud has become a valuable part of modern life and its adoption has significantly increased. Many of us now depend on the benefits of the cloud for some of the most common life experiences such as listening to music, watching television and classroom learning. They have all been improved by the ability to access, manage and purchase IT resources online.

Businesses are no different. Enterprises are now leveraging the efficiency and on-demand access of cloud more than ever before to speed innovation, cut costs and improve productivity. But, like many revolutionary solutions before it, there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Whilst cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure have made it easier to rely on off-site solutions for compute, storage, networking, big data and so on, security remains a major concern and inhibitor for the Enterprise.

While the benefits of cloud are well understood, there is less certainty around the process and security of migrating on-premise systems. This reluctance has been heightened by the advent of regulations such as GDPR and the increased frequency of cyber-attacks, both of which are focusing organisations’ attention on data security. The nature of the cloud naturally increases the number of integration points and outside platforms which provide more potential access points for malicious attackers.

This is one of the primary reasons that businesses can be unwilling to transfer their applications and data to the cloud. They fear that there’ll be an increase in attacks and general risk to data integrity. Insecure migration processes can leave openings for attacks and applications may be left with little protection for some time.

However, it doesn’t need to be like this. When an application is migrated to the cloud the same security standards should apply throughout, ensuring that security is just as robust in the cloud as it is on-premise. The environment should be completely transparent to the end user and the experience remain the same regardless of what is deployed and where it is hosted. It is perfectly possible to ensure security posture is maintained or even improved in the cloud. It just takes confidence, tools, and the right people, to get the job done.

This is where RiverSafe can help. Our consultants are cyber experts, with strong security, data analytics and cloud credentials. We bring in-depth technical knowledge and have been helping organisations with the cloud migration process by ensuring that all the actions in the plan are delivered on time and to the right standard and that the move is a safe and productive one. We make sure that whether on cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment your data is still protected in the same way. Ultimately this means that data is protected both in transit and at rest. Additionally we recently earned the Palo Alto Networks® NextWave Public Cloud Specialisation, which is awarded to NextWave channel partners who have demonstrated the required expertise to successfully and securely migrate customers to public cloud environments.

By Suid Adeyanju