Kickstart Your Cyber Security Efforts with Rapid Adoption Packages 

by Riversafe

Kickstart your cyber security efforts with Rapid Adoption Packages 

A new wave of cyber threats 

It should come as no surprise that in an age of ever-developing technology, remote working, cloud computing and virtual desktops, the potential possibilities for cyberattacks have never been higher.  

Malicious insiders, phishing scammers, ransomware hackers, and more are constantly searching for potential vulnerabilities to exploit for financial gain and with malicious intent. One of the most shocking trends of the last year was the dramatic shift in possible victims. Although the cyber security of major organisations, such as Amazon and Tesla, are constantly being tested, the number of small, independent businesses being attacked has also seen a sharp rise. And at a rapidly increasing pace.  With a cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds on average, businesses are more vulnerable and accessible than ever before. 

Additionally, when these attacks do land, they are destructive, distracting, and costly. In 2020, the average cost per data breach reached an estimated $3 million, and this is only set to increase. One recent attack saw hackers steal multiple games’ source code from popular video games developer CD Projekt Red, which was then reportedly sold outside of a virtual auction after being listed at $7 million 

A breakthrough in affordable cybersecurity 

Here at RiverSafewe’re committed to providing the best cybersecurity solutions possible. We believe that any business, large or small, should be entitled to virtual peace of mind. However, there are often barriers to entry for non-enterprise organisations. Most contemporary cyber security solutions present three key issues: 

  1. Implementation is often long and arduous in implementation.
  2. Costs of packages are expensive.
  3. Daily data ingest calculation is often frustrating and complex 

We want to change this.  

With our new range of Rapid Adoption Packages, we aim to implement a wide variety of security and IT solutionsOur simple, cost effective packages can be set up in as little as two days. Additionally, we’ve attached a daily data digest cap of 25Gb – enough to accommodate most businesses – to eliminate frustration and worry over data consumption.  

Combined, these features create the perfect solution for any business looking to take their first steps towards advanced cyber security.

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What are Rapid Adoption Packages? 

Rapid Adoption Packages are designed to be seamlessly integrated into any framework and offer a wide range of use cases to ensure thayour business gets the solutions you require.  

Eliminate the stress of daily data ingest 

For many businesses, a vital component when considering different cybersecurity solutions is how much data they can ingest daily. For those looking to take their first steps into the cybersecurity landscape, this decision can often be frustrating and distracting. Without knowing how much data your network needs to ingest, businesses may either spend too much, for data they don’t need, or spend too little, leading to an underperforming cyber security plan. 

To counter this, all our rapid adoption packages come with a fixed data ingest of 25Gbensuring that they can handle the daily strain of entry-level cybersecurity, with ease while alleviating much confusion for businesses.  

Easy integration 

As the technology landscape continues to develop and change, we recognise the need to adapt to the new and challenging circumstances that follow. 2020 saw a monumental rise in the utilisation of cloud computing software and virtual desktops.  

To meet this directly, we have designed our packages to be easily integrated both on-premise and off, with added cloud implementation too. For off-premise deployment, expect a seamless integration in as little as two to three days. For on-premise integration, we can integrate your customised solution in three to four days – ensuring that you and your business have peace of mind and protective data protection monitoring as soon as possible.  

A wide range of tools 

Our Rapid Adoption Packages are customisable to ensure that they fully meet the needs of each business. Catering to both the private and public sectors, the potential is endless.  

Users considering implementing a package into their private business can choose a minimum of three individual services spread across both security and IT monitoring use cases, and a maximum of nine. These range from advanced threat detection and insider threat analysis, to application, storage, and network monitoring. Businesses may wish to invest fully in security tools or to select some IT monitoring capabilities for a more well-rounded approach.  

Business in the public sector can implement a rapid adoption package with a minimum of five tools, ensuring a well-rounded and optimised entry point capable of detecting a range of potential threats. 

For a full list of use cases currently offered in our rapid adoption packages, read more here 

Assured peace of mind 

Our new Rapid Adoption Packages are perfectly engineered to provide a solid and secure entrance into the world of cybersecurity. With fast and easy implementation, we want to ensure that your business remains protected against external or internal threats. 

Boasting both security and IT use cases, public and private businesses can now select what they wish their package to include – optimising the client experience on a case-by-case basis.  

With cost-effective solutions free from the restraints of daily data ingest, and the ability to seamlessly integrate packages in a matter of days, it’s easier than ever to begin reinforcing your data against data breaches, worms, and other attacks.  

To read more about our rapid adoption packages and begin your journey to better cybersecurityread more here, or if you have any queries at all don’t hesitate to contact us


By Riversafe

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