RiverSafe Named Exabeam’s EMEA Services Partner of the Year

by Riversafe

Exabeam EMEA Services Partner of the Year

RiverSafe is pleased to announce that we have received the 2020 ‘EMEA Service Partner of the Year’ award for exceptional strategic advisory and support services during Exabeam’s Global Partner Summit  

This exciting achievement is reinforced as we received the ‘Most Deployments of any Partner’ achievement from Exabeam in October 2020, highlighting our stand-out dedication, support and expertise as Exabeam suppliers. 

Kelly Tame, Director of Services at Exabeam goes on to discuss how they can be confident RiverSafe will deliver excellence to their joint customers, saying how their “partnership with RiverSafe has grown from strength to strength. Their understanding of SOC Operations and SIEM technology, coupled with a desire to grow and develop a dedicated team of Exabeam Accredited Certified Engineers, enables the RiverSafe team to deliver the exceptional.”  

“This has resulted in successful implementations of the Exabeam Security Management Platform in some of the largest and most complex environments globally, while consistently receiving the highest ratings in customer satisfaction surveys. I am thrilled that the RiverSafe team has been recognized with the ‘Partner of the Year for Global Services – EMEA’ Award and I look forward to continued success with them in the future”. 

These recognitions are based on a variety of metrics including annual sales, support for Exabeam’s expansion in local markets, surpassing enablement and training goals, innovative Exabeam offerings, professional services offerings and providing exceptional value to joint customers – highlighting RiverSafe as one of the most capable and efficient partners offering strategic advisory and support services.  

RiverSafe have built a trusted and collaborative relationship with Exabeam providing client-first cyber solutions, over years of successful partnership. In the past 12 months we have accelerated our work with Exabeam, gaining more referrals, delivering three SaaS and 12 On Prem projects, and growing our consultancy team to nine Certified Consultants with two more to be established in 2021. Exabeam have also just introduced a new accreditation programme for their partners, whereby they can receive deployments, which five of our consultants have already passed and the rest are undergoing.  

Through our increasing affiliation with Exabeam, we continue to build a more seamless and effective process for our customers, to ensure every project we deliver is done with increasing quality and attention to detail. 

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Putting Relationships First 

We pride ourselves on making people and relationships a priority in our values, a mindset which has shaped our first-class client and partner service.  

“The team have built a strong collaborative relationship which has helped overcome some of the inevitable project bumps” – Exabeam and RiverSafe Customer 

 We work collectively with Exabeam to ensure our clients get the best experience and service possible. Exabeam thoroughly assess client needs and requirements and then refer these projects to the partners that will best suit their needs; our consultants have established a prominent reputation with Exabeam and their clients and have their full confidence that we will succeed with any project given to us. 

This is showcased by our proclivity to secure repeat business for Exabeam and establish long-term support, advisory services, and professional services to clients. 

In particular, we keep consistent communication with Kelly Tame, Director of Services, and Kevan Ford, Professional Services Practice Lead at Exabeam, and the technician team as a whole, to mutually provide one another with insight into on-the-ground customer experiences and innovative service support, a dynamic which has allowed us to provide more accommodating and bespoke services for customersleading to countless successful deployments. 

Brett Candon, Vice President of EMEA Channels, Exabeam highlights RiverSafe’s unique offering; “I’d like to congratulate the RiverSafe team for winning Exabeam’s ‘Partner of the Year for Global Services – EMEA’ Award for 2020. It’s fantastic to partner with a forward-thinking services organisation that not only understands, but delivers the value of Exabeam’s SOC automation capabilities, so companies can accelerate their Detection, Investigation, and Response to security threats. Whether it’s augmenting an existing data lake, or deploying the full Exabeam platform, RiverSafe has proven they understand what it takes to build an efficient and effective modern SOC.”  

Supporting Customer Needs  

We are proud that Exabeam and their clients speak very highly of RiverSafe consultants; citing both our seamless delivery services and the benefits our Exabeam partnership brings. Some elements that are consistently highlighted are our timeliness, communication, and experience. 

By building a one-to-one relationship with Exabeamwe are able to provide a wider field of expertise to empower our clients, further understand their needs, and deliver effective solutions. Combining our two approaches and skillsets gives our clients unique support that other suppliers may not be equipped to provide. Clients have the benefit of relying on both Exabeam and RiverSafe when they encounter issues or need further guidance. 

Our customer is already getting real value from the solution and excited about what is next”  Exabeam and RiverSafe Customer 

Especially as COVID-19 has introduced unforeseen circumstances for our clients, we have put extensive efforts into supporting our clients, other businesses, and the Exabeam network to overcome these challenges. 

It’s an honour to be part of this ecosystem of security-focused partners in the industryWe look forward to continuing our relationship with Exabeam, and their other partners, as they rapidly grow and are excited to attend their upcoming spotlight event.  

Get in touch to learn more about our cyber security service, and to learn more about Exabeam visit the website.


By Riversafe

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