How RiverSafe is levelling up for its customers in 2024

by Oseloka Obiora

How RiverSafe is elevating its services for its customers in 2024

As a CTO in such a fast-moving industry as technology, reviewing the effectiveness of our services, assessing emerging threats, and adapting to new developments is a constant process.

But, like many other individuals and businesses around this time, I relish the opportunity that a new year presents for reflection; looking back on the challenges and successes of the previous 12 months and putting objectives in motion for the ones ahead.

The difficult economic conditions we saw around the world in 2023 presented a huge challenge to all businesses, ourselves included. It was also the year that AI really broke through to the mainstream and our own research showed that 80% of cyber leaders in the UK saw AI as their biggest threat.

We invested a lot of time in 2023 researching the market changes, developing new partnerships that we feel would benefit our customers and strengthening our skill sets to ensure we remain leading experts in our fields.

Despite the budgetary restriction forced on many businesses, we still had the privilege of being called upon by some of the largest and most sophisticated enterprises in the world to help them optimise their security operations centres (SOC), and increase efficiencies in their Software Development Life Cycles.

It’s critical to note, though, that cybersecurity is not only for large businesses with extensive tech stacks. Small businesses suffered a record number of cyber attacks last year, with almost three-quarters stating that they’d been targeted.

These shocking statistics, and the massive demand we’ve experienced for our cybersecurity and cloud services, send a clear message: cybersecurity is an essential consideration for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and no organisation can afford to neglect it in the face of rising levels of cybercrime.

This is our call-to-arms for 2024.

Our mission for the coming year is to give our customers the tools and support they need to protect themselves against cyber threats, optimise their cloud operations, and cut costs without sacrificing performance. And we’ve already got big plans in place to help us deliver even more effective solutions.

Supercharging cost optimisation

With operational costs on the rise, organisations are looking to save cash wherever they can. Over the past year, countless businesses have reached out to us for help optimising spending on their cybersecurity and cloud services. And while it’s certainly not the time to skimp on security, there are a lot of ways that costs can be reduced without increasing risk—if you know how.

Our expertise in data stream processing has been especially beneficial on this front, and in 2024, we’ll continue to enhance our expertise to help customers achieve tangible savings by processing their invaluable data more efficiently.

Investment in AppSec

Another area in which we’re seeing skyrocketing demand from customers is application security.

Investment in AppSec is rising across all industries as continued digital transformation blows up the potential attack surface for bad actors. In the financial industry alone, cyberattacks on web apps and APIs spiked by 65% in Q2 2023 compared to the previous period.

But it’s not just the fintech space that’s being targeted, driving a growing demand from businesses in every sector to better protect their applications as they seek to adopt a shift-left approach to security.

While ensuring the security of applications is pivotal to business success, so is the speed at which they can be delivered. Good AppSec must take this balance into account, which is why we’re making big investments in our AppSec services to help our customers achieve this harmony between security and efficiency.

We’re not only growing our capability to deliver effective AppSec solutions, but also creating strategic partnerships that will allow us to provide unmatched AppSec services for our customers, ensuring they can innovate quickly and safely.

Supporting today’s tech talent—and tomorrow’s

We might work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies and platforms in the world, but we understand that our most valuable asset in delivering customer success is our people.

In 2024, our team will grow substantially as we invest in business-critical new hires to support growing demand from our customers.

We believe the most impactful organisations are the ones where everyone feels they can make a real contribution to success and are supported to do so. We are solidifying this philosophy this year with key investments in our people and their wellbeing.

A laser-focus on customer success

Customer success is our driving force, and this year, we’re building out our Customer Success Team so we can offer an even higher quality and depth of service for both existing and new customers.

We’re also streamlining our service offerings. By simplifying our engagement models, we’re enriching our packages and making it easier for customers to access the services and solutions they need and get maximum value from their partnership with us.

Continuing our sustainability journey

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done so far to make our business as sustainable as possible, and we’re excited to make an even greater impact in 2024 on both the future of our planet and the lives of those we’re working with around the globe. Last year we quadrupled the size of our internal sustainability committee, increase our charity partners by 100% and our financial contributions to those partnership by 388%.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about our upcoming sustainability and CSR strategies as we work towards achieving our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2024.

In the meantime, I want to wish you all a happy, healthy, and fruitful new year and say a sincere thank you to our customers, partners and team for your continued support. I can’t wait to work with customers old and new in the coming year to help them secure their most valuable assets and harness the potential of cloud technology to make 2024 their most successful year yet.

By Oseloka Obiora