The Benefits of Splunk SIEM

by Suid Adeyanju

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a vital part of cyber defence strategies. This is due to the need to manage the network and have a wide understanding of all the events that happen within. When the cyber security team has this understanding then it becomes easy to notice irregularities within network traffic, therefore becomes easier to pinpoint threats. Yet, despite how vital this is, many enterprises are still using out-of-date technology.

Legacy SIEM tools are being relied upon due to its success in the past and businesses being comfortable with what they have. Unfortunately, modern threats are continuously evolving to be more sophisticated and act at a faster pace. Therefore, most legacy tools can no longer keep up. The flaw of these tools is their reliance on predetermined rules to discover what is the norm and not within a network. This means any threats outside of these rules simply go undetected.

The solution is simple. Enterprises need to evolve their SIEM tools in order to keep up with malicious hackers. This is easier said than done for many security teams who are so reliant on old tools. This is how RiverSafe can help. RiverSafe is able to update enterprise legacy SIEM to the Next-Generation. The Splunk generation.

Splunk SIEM combines patterns, machine learning and threat intelligence to verify all instances within a network. It offers greater scalability to help with network monitoring and works easily with other tools to improve defences. Additional solutions like ITOA, UBA and SOAR work with Splunk SIEM to enhance its security capabilities. Then with artificial intelligence Splunk SIEM is constantly adapting to changing situations and so evolves alongside the threats. This allows Splunk SIEM to efficiently defend against the latest threats without requiring constant updating like the legacy SIEM.

RiverSafe’s help comes with the implementation of Splunk SIEM. RiverSafe experts understand how to get the largest return on investment with Splunk SIEM and can provide this advice. They also offer training to enterprise IT teams on how Splunk SIEM works and help introduce it into the network. The ability of Splunk SIEM to integrate with third party tools allows for a smooth transition into a company’s infrastructure, with RiverSafe managing this.

By Suid Adeyanju