What Sustainability Partners does RiverSafe support?

by Riversafe

We have put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, by accelerating sustainable business growth while balancing profit and planet.

RiverSafe are pioneers and want to lead the cyber security industry into the next decade of sustainable security transformation. To achieve this we have partnered with a number of Charites and organisations.

Path to Possibilities

RiverSafe partners with Path to Possibilities, a charity that provides scholarships for bright Nigerian children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Alongside providing a Resource Centre that is free and open six days a week. The centre meets a real need for hundreds of children and young adults aged 5 to 20. Resources include a lending library, computer lab with free internet access, and study room. Providing a safe and quiet quiet haven for children who live in homes not conducive to learning.

Victor Moore

RiverSafe partners with Victor Moore, a Non-Profit Organisation that sponsors and provides scholarships for children and young people from low income homes and marginalised communities who have educational challenges in Nigeria. The children are provided with educational support and opportunities to learn skills that will increase their chances of living better lives and be productive members of society.

Earth 51

RiverSafe partner with Earth 51, a privately held strategic advisory firm with a singular focus on accelerating Sustainable business growth by balancing Profit & Planet. Earth 51 helps organisations embrace & contribute towards a more sustainable future.

RiverSafe are advised by Earth 51 on ways to operate and embrace new economic models with an intrinsic focus on sustainability. Alongside ways to consider the holistic impacts of our actions on areas such as equality for all, gender parity, reduction in poverty, improved healthcare, eradicating hunger and building a circular economy that is resilient and self-sustaining.


By Riversafe

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