Underfunded and under reported: Threats, Breaches and Budgets

CISO polling report 2024

As organisations adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape marked by economic uncertainties, talent shortages, and geopolitical tensions, the spectre of cyber threats looms large.

RiverSafe, in partnership with Censuswide, presents a comprehensive analysis drawn from a survey of 250 cybersecurity¬†professionals at CISO level or equivalent within UK business. Our mission? To delve deep into the intricacies of today’s cybersecurity landscape, uncovering the challenges and opportunities that shape the strategies of industry leaders.

Key Findings

  • Threats and Breaches: 17% of organizations failed to report cyber breaches last year, while insider threats remain a significant concern, with 75% of respondents expressing¬†worries.
  • Funding Defences: Despite growing awareness, many organisations struggle to allocate adequate resources to cybersecurity. While 90% plan to increase spending, 59% feel their budget falls short. Automation emerges as a promising solution, with 87% implementing it to achieve cost savings.
  • Skills, Tools, and Challenges: Building a robust cybersecurity posture requires overcoming obstacles in talent, tools, and time. 83% of respondents report a gap in cyber skills, reflecting industry-wide challenges in recruitment and training. Moreover, inadequate visibility over devices creates dangerous blind spots, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks.

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