Developing Business Applications?

If you are developing business applications using a DevOps approach, you probably want clean, easy to use tools that integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.  You probably also want to make sure the applications you build using those tools don’t negatively impact security – a process often referred to as DevSecOps.

Worried About Application Security?

Cost and complexity often mean development teams struggle to properly secure apps during the development process.  It can be anything from a culture of security testing only being done late in the process, to a lack of knowledge of the available tools, to just not having the time to configure the tools to work effectively as part of the DevOps pipeline.

Introducing EZE

Project EZE has been designed to help developers secure applications without burning too much time.  Built for developers, with speed and ease of use as the goal.


Easy to use

Empowering developers to secure their projects


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