Smart Metering

Addressing security and compliance requirements with your Smart Metering program

The Smart Meter Implementation Programme is the largest critical national infrastructure programme of work undertaken within the UK within the last 40 years. Smart meters will play an important part in Britain’s transition to a low-carbon economy and help us meet some of the long-term challenges we face in ensuring an affordable, secure and sustainable energy supply. At the core of this complex infrastructure is security.
Smart Metering

Smart Metering Services from RiverSafe

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Smart Metering Assurance Program

RiverSafe’s expertise in infrastructure assurance is second to none. We are proud of the reputation we have established in this area. Our specialist resource understands the regulatory demands faced by customers, and we work as part of our customer’s team to ensure business readiness and compliance. We help our customers prepare fully for the CIO Audit. Working with an Energy Supplier, RiverSafe have taken on an advisory and delivery role to ensure their customer is fully prepared for the Security Assessments DCC Users are required to undergo as part of Section G of the SEC. As a result of our engagement the customer was able to achieve a number of important steps towards compliance. These are summarised as follows…

  • Scope and propose an agreeable programme of work to comply with the assessment requirements

  • Scope, develop and implement a review of the current risk management approach

  • Scope, develop and implement a review of the current security incident management approach

  • Make recommendations following these reviews, detailing all remedial action to ensure full SEC (Section G) compliance.

CPA Readiness

We work closely with our customers to assure the viability of their overall product, system or solution throughout their development lifecycle. RiverSafe’s expert resource becomes an invaluable part of our customers’ delivery team ensuring regulatory compliance across all elements of their customers’ proposition. Working with a product manufacturer, the RiverSafe team was a critical part of this customer’s team to deliver a fully assured product to market with compliance to CPA requirements for GB SMIP.

  • Scope and implement a secure code review highlighting vulnerabilities in the code with recommendation on functional separation and privacy protection

  • Scope and implement full product penetration testing prior to external audit

  • Scope, evaluate and deliver a full secure design and architecture review

  • Carry out a full threat analysis, determining product vulnerabilities

  • Qualify all industry and specification requirements for the hardware and software of the product

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