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RiverSafe is an Exabeam Authorized Service Delivery Partner and two times winner of the Exabeam EMEA Professional Services provider of the year award.

Together, we have built a trusted and collaborative relationship, providing client-first cyber solutions over years of a highly successful partnership.

Our Exabeam Accredited Certified Engineers have experience across Exabeam’s tech stack including:  Advanced Analytics, Data Lake, Incident responder, Cloud Connectors and Case management.

We have worked with organisations across multiple industry verticals including telecoms, oil and gas, media, healthcare and finance, helping them with the deployment, optimisation and maintenance of their Exabeam environment.



Accredited Services Provider

The Exabeam RiverSafe Partnership

“Our partnership with RiverSafe has grown from strength to strength. heir understanding of SOC Operations and SIEM technology, coupled with their dedicated team of Exabeam Accredited Certified Engineers, enables the RiverSafe team to deliver the exceptional.

This has resulted in successful implementations of the Exabeam Security Management Platform in some of the largest and most complex environments globally, while consistently receiving the highest ratings in customer satisfaction surveys.”

Kelly Tame, Director of Services, Exabeam


“Our partnership with Exabeam has enabled us to enhance our customers’ ability to swiftly detect, investigate, and respond to potential security threats.

Whether we are integrating Exabeam into an existing data lake or deploying the full platform, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible security solutions.

We are excited to continue our successful partnership with Exabeam”

Suid Adeyanju, CEO, RiverSafe


Looking to ensure your Exabeam instance is optimised for security?

Our team of certified Exabeam experts will audit your environment, identify potential risks and bottlenecks, and provide recommendations for improvements.

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