Path to Possibilities: Resource Centre Changing Lives: Meet Martha

by Riversafe

Path To Possibilities

Path to Possibilities is a charity based in Lagos, Nigeria that provides educational support to disadvantaged children and adolescents living in slums. As Africa’s fastest growing economy, Nigeria is rife with opportunity but its future lies in the hands of its youth; a high proportion of which are currently out of education. Path to Possibilities provides merit-based scholarships to Nigeria’s poorest children, giving them a chance to attend a private secondary school for free. The main way though, that Path to Possibilities enables Lagos’ youth’s access to education is through their Resource Centre. At the Resource Centre children gain access to resources like the lending library, computer lab with free internet access and study room. The free centre aims to provide a safe haven for children whose homes are not conducive to learning. Watch the video above to hear from Martha, who has been a regular at the Resource Centre.

RiverSafe and Path To Possibilities

The relationship between RiverSafe and Path to Possibilities started small but has organically grown as we too believe in the difference access to education makes to one’s ability to progress. Through donating regularly and growing financial contributions RiverSafe has shown that companies’ support is greatly appreciated and crucial to organisations like Path to Possibilities so they can continue the incredible work they do.

Its impact on the lives of hundreds of children is truly outstanding. Have a watch of the video above to hear from one of these children, Martha.

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Martha and the Resource Centre

The Resource Centre opened in 2017 and five years later Martha, who visits regularly, talks to us about her time there. At the Resource Centre, Martha has learnt how to read and is subsequently improving her skills using the computer. The lending library is Martha’s favourite part of the centre as she can read and learn more on any subject she chooses.

Hundreds of children like Martha feel their time at the Resource Centre enables them to not only learn more but be better. The work of Path to Possibilities is instrumental in developing young people across Lagos, find out more about their work on their website or on their Facebook.


By Riversafe

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